Worcester Superior Court – Personal Injury – Breach of Security $340,000(w/interest)

Lawsuit filed on behalf of estate of 23 year old who was murdered while inside his apartment after a botched robbery.  Perpetrators arrested and charged criminally.  Attorney Murray filed suit against the building owner for negligent security.  Attorney Murray retained security expert who testified as to the failures of the building security system.  Attorney Murray also subpoenaed two of the convicted perpetrators who testified as to the manner in which the break in occurred.  The jury trial lasted 5 days before a verdict was reached.

Worcester District Court – OUI/Failure to Stop Jury Trial – Not Guilty Verdict

Client was stopped after Trooper alleged he was traveling 84 mph in a 50 mph zone at midnight. Trooper further alleged that he traveled over 1 mile before stopping. Admitted to consuming alcohol and coming from a bar. Administered field sobriety test before being placed under arrest. Defense proffered witnesses who were with client prior to arrest and testified to his sobriety.

Worcester Superior Court – Employment Discrimination $118,750

Client was ordered not to return to her job after reporting numerous degrading and sexist comments made by her superior and to a systematic effort by the same supervisor to prevent her promotion to a better paying managerial position.  Attorney Murray conducted extensive discovery which corroborated client’s claims.  After extensive negotiations, a settlement was reached.