October 2017 – Assault & Battery D/W (2cts) – Not Guilty – Worcester District Court

Our client was arrested and charged with 2 counts of Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon.  The charges alleged that he committed these offenses against his brother’s former girlfriend and her mother.  At the time, his brother’s former girlfriend was living on the third floor of our client’s family home.   The arrest was prompted by a 911 call to the police in which the alleged victim (former girlfriend) claimed our client threatened her and suggested he had a gun.  When the police arrived, she reported that an argument about parking spaces in the driveway escalated and that our client slammed the door into her body causing her to fall into her mother who was standing behind her.  Through the introduction of the 911 call and effective cross examination of both alleged victims, we were able to elicit numerous inconsistencies in the testimonies of both witnesses.   A verdict of Not Guilty was returned on both charges

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