March 11, 2014: Medical Malpractice, Jury Verdict – $1,952,000

Attorney Sean Murray serving, as co-counsel with Attorney Karen Stern won a $1,952,000 dollar jury verdict in a medical malpractice claim against an oncologist at St. Vincent Medical Center, Worcester.  The case was tried for over 6 days in the Worcester Superior Court.    Attorney Murray represented the estate of the plaintiff who was treated for cancer after being diagnosed with the condition in 2003, only to later discover in 2006 that he did not actually have cancer.  The plaintiff, who had a complex medical history, suffered signficant complications associated with his cancer treatment and eventually died 10 years after the initial diagnosis. The treating oncologist defended the case based upon the pathology report he was provided which indicated the plaintiff was diagnosed with cancer.  Through the use of expert medical testimony and thorough cross examination of the defendant and his expert witness, the plaintiff was able to prove to the jury the medical negligence of the treating oncologist and the causative impact of that neglience to the plaintiff’s injuries. The jury deliberated for 4 1/2 hours before returning its verdict.

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